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Ford 450 Superduty Truck

Ford F450 Superduty Truck

The power you want. The fuel economy you need

The available 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel has best-in-class standard power ratings. Best-in-class 440 horsepower. Best-in-class standard 860 lb.-ft. of torque. Turbocharger is located between the cylinder heads and the top of the block. The exhaust manifold is positioned inboard and adjacent to the turbocharger – close proximity means faster air displacement and more power. Turbocharger is larger than the previous design to expand airflow capacity and increase power for greater hauling and towing performance. Compacted graphite iron engine block that is stronger yet lighter than cast iron. B20 capability and clean, quiet operation.


Ford F450 Truck Features

Transmission – TorqShift® Heavy-Duty 6-speed SelectShift™ Automatic

The Ford 6-speed TorqShift® SelectShift® automatic transmission is engineered for high-torque performance and dependability. Big, strong gears can easily take on the heavy torque demands of either the standard 6.2L gas V8 or the available 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel. Fewer rpm are required because the torque converter locks up at lower speeds. The available live-drive power takeoff (PTO) provision features split-shaft capability.* An output gear is connected directly to the engine crankshaft to power an aftermarket PTO anytime the engine is running, whether you’re in motion or at a stop, and lets you use applications like a salt spreader, tree-trimming equipment and many others. Split-shaft capability allows multiple accessories to be operated at the same time with the vehicle stopped.


Tow/Haul Mode and Engine-Exhaust Braking

Tow/haul mode (gas and diesel engines with TorqShift® SelectShift® 6-speed transmission) and engine-exhaust braking (diesel engine only). Driver-activated tow/haul mode holds the proper gear to help maintain optimum power and reduce gear hunting when going uphill; on a downhill, tow/haul mode inhibits upshifting to help keep the vehicle from gaining speed. Driver-activated diesel engine-exhaust braking function restricts exhaust flow to create back pressure for engine braking while going downhill. Tow/haul mode and engine exhaust-braking combined increase control and reduce downhill brake wear when carrying a heavy load.

Trailer Sway Control

Trailer sway control (TSC) builds on the AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™(RSC®) system to help maintain trailer control through selective braking and adjusted engine power.39 The result is noticeable stability and control, which provides greater driver confidence when towing large loads.